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Minibus Hire Blackpool | Taxis Blackpool

We provide comprehensive ground transport services to individuals and group travellers on a 24/7 schedule. We have over 80 vehicles engaged in timely taxi transfers to any destination in the UK. We excel in delivering world class taxi services largely because of our ability to provide variety. Our fleet is made up of 1-18 seater that are easy to access and afford. Contact us today to hire any of the following packages.    

Executive Taxi

If you are planning to attend a business conference or to travel for a leisure trip, make sure to reserve our executive taxi. It is a luxury ride that is very popular with celebrities, top business executives and other influential members of the society. This exclusive car gives you the comfort and privacy second to none in Blackpool. The vehicle has soft leather seats to induce relaxation and tinted window screens to give a sense of privacy.

8-9 Seat Minibus Hire and 10-12 Seat Minibus Hire

We provide professional drivers to manage our 8-9 and 10-12 seater with the aim of making your trip safe and smooth. As our way of maintaining high standards and preserving your life while on the road, Travel Eaze has invested in hiring experienced experts to assure quality ride each time you subscribe to our transfer packages. As all our drivers are vetted, insured and licensed, you can rest assured of timely transfer regardless of the distance and weather condition. Our cars are fitted with GPS technology to enable easy tracking and collection. Partner with us now for personalized transport services to your destination.

14-16 Seat Minibus Hire and 16-18 Seat Minibus Hire

We are bothered little by what car brand you want to order for your trip. This however does not imply that we do not care for you, rather, it demonstrate our confidence and ability to satisfy your travel needs. Given we have a comprehensive fleet of 14-16 and 16-18 seater, it is not difficult to see why we are not afraid of a challenge. We have the capacity to provide the latest minibus model to groups planning for a business or leisure trip anywhere in Blackpool. Our vehicles are attractively designed and supplied with comfortable seats and large cargo space.

Airport Taxi  

If you are running late to get to the airport, or stranded anywhere in Blackpool, contact our customer care desk for instant rescue. We are well-prepared to offer emergency transfer services to your destination. All our cars have special parking permits and are licensed to engage in airport transfers to all major airport in the UK. Instead of wasting time seeking a reliable taxi service provider, partner with us? Blackpool taxi packages is the most convenient in the region. We have both the resources and capacity to provide world-class taxi services with little effort. We are the leading firm in Blackpool.

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