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8-9 Seater Minibus Hire

We allow free cancellations as long as they are done 24 hours prior to the scheduled date. Unlike our competitors, we do not impose penalties to avoid unnecessary financial loss on your side. Instead we encourage you to seek alternative dates convenient for you to travel. This gives you the opportunity to alter your plans without necessarily incurring losses. We are flexible and willing to facilitate you in anyway.

Clean Travel Space

The 8-9 seater gives you privacy and clean travel space at a competitive price. Depending on the manufacturer it is sourced from, it may have small/large and clear or tinted window screens to suit the occasion. It also comes in a variety of shapes and seat design to provide a comfortable space to travel in. If you are planning for sightseeing tour with your friends, hire our minibus for first-class ride to your destination.

Competent Staff

We have a strict recruitment policy to guide on how to hire new staff to join our team. Whether you have applied for job as a driver, mechanic, customer relation officer or a manager, we take you through a rigorous recruitment process to gauge your competency and social skills. On top of this, we hold regular training workshops to update employees on the latest trends in areas related to their specialization. This helps to hone their skills and to improve on service delivery. Our 8-9 Seater driver are particularly very refined.

Expert Drivers

The 8-9 seater drivers have no peer in Burnley, Blackburn, Accrington and Blackpool. This is no idle brag in that most of them have over 15 years of experience in the industry. They are exceptional professionals, who have above-average navigation skill thanks to their exposure. Do not also forget that majority of them are multilingual. Do you want to experience a punctual and smooth ride to your destination? Make us your travel partner. We offer meet and greet services plus other complementary services at no extra charge.

We Are Resourceful

Travel Eaze is well-endowed with resources to facilitate a large number of people to travel at once. We have a comprehensive fleet of minibuses sourced from leading car manufacturers in the world. You can book via our website or phone call to our customer care desk. Other online platforms you can employ to make reservations include the email and mobile app. For making payments, you can make cash deposits or use other various online platform at your disposal.

The 8-9 seat minibus hire package is available 24/7 in all areas of Preston. You can thus get safe and comfortable rides at your pleasure. As we maintain high standard in all our vehicles, the 8-9 seater has become very popular with groups traveling for business or leisure. Our flexibility and resourcefulness in creating travel solutions is unequalled in the region. If you want to travel in style and in a homely environment, we are just a phone call away. Our vehicles are user-friendly and have wheelchair features to enable persons with disability easy access. We are ready to partner with you.

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