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Executive Taxi

For leisure or business travel, the executive taxi provides quality transfer services to clients planning to travel alone or in groups. Various on/off line booking platforms are in place to ease accessibility of our transfer products. You can download our mobile app, visit the webpage or call our customer care desk for inquiries or to make reservations. But if you have time to spare, you can drop by our office for free travel consultation services any day. Our travel planners are very competent and are willing to help you out.    


In Accrington, Burnley, Blackpool and Blackburn, we are easy to find and amazingly affordable. Our vehicles and drivers are always on standby to give you a safe ride to your destination. We have an elaborate fleet of cars from which you can select a brand or model you wish to hire to your destination. The hire price is discounted and other numerous incentives are provided.

Express Rides

Getting a car that can provide enough space for you and your luggage can be frustrating and expensive. Moving from one taxi provider to another seeking a suitable means of transport not only consumes a lot of time, but also increases mental strain to a high degree. Instead of suffering in silence and risking your hard-earned cash by engaging a random taxi provider, partner with us for reliable express ride to your destination. Our executive taxi is beautifully designed to give you rounded transfer packages at a pocket friendly price.

VIP Treatment

Beside the large leather seats and adequate luggage space, our taxi is heavily accessorized with modern gadgets. These gadgets and features include: various entertainment systems, Wi-Fi and on board power source. Additional comfort and safety features include: arm rests, seat belts and tracking systems. We value quality therefore we give our clients VIP treatment each time you hire any of our vehicles.

Professional Drivers

Our executive drivers are highly trained, tested and fully documented by the relevant authority. They are competent and vastly experienced in handling both small and large vehicles with ease. Their navigation skills are excellent hence can act as tour guide for expatriates or tourists making their way across the UK. They are friendly and useful in that they help to carry your luggage to the car. Any time you hire any of our taxi, expect a professional driver for safe travel to your destination.

We take strict measures to ensure our vehicles are safe and secure to travel in. To start with, we have an inspection policy that dictates mechanical servicing of all cars after every six weeks; this helps to keep them in the right working order. We source all our vehicles from the best car manufacturers in the world, they are thus of high quality and modern. Also GPS tracking device and CCTV have been installed to help monitor the taxi during travel. Hire us today.

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